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Campus Pack is supporting password-protected RSS feeds AND public RSS feeds. Public content can be accessed by an RSS reader of your choice without authenticating; however, private content is now available via a password-protected RSS feed.  


Private RSS Feeds

To make this feature easy-to-use, each Campus Pack user can create their own RSS password that is unique to them. Because most RSS readers store usernames and password, users wishing to subscribe to password-protected RSS feeds must create a different username and passwords specifically for RSS. This is done to protect user security. 

 If you've never set your RSS username and password before, when you navigate to a wiki, blog, or podcast, you'll see a greyed-out RSS link.



Private RSS Feeds:  Users will need to enter their RSS credentials which can be set under their PLS settings.

Public RSS Feeds: To enable an RSS Feed, click the Permissions link in a site, then click the Viewers tab, and make the site available to Everyone in the World. 



An RSS button will appear next to the site title. Users can click on the RSS feed button and subscribe to the feed in an RSS aggregator (reader.)


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