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Add a Campus Pack Wiki to your Course Site (in this example, Blackboard.)



Add a title, a description (optional), and enter grading information if the assignment is going to be graded. 



Options for Managing a Wiki site. 



Subscribe - Users can subscribe to receive email notifications that provide a summary of changes to the subscribed content.

Export - Users with rights to export can obtain a zip file of a site with options to include tags and viewer comments if desired.

Settings - Site Settings can be adjusted from the Settings link in each site. Settings also includes an Appearance option to customize the icon representing the site and change the theme of a site.  While this information is often added to a site when it is created, a user with permission may update a site's settings at anytime

Permissions - User privileges for all sites and spaces are managed from the Permissions screen. This is where a site manager or other individual with privileges can determine who can view the site, as well as which users have permissions to edit, comment, tag, and/or manage the site.

Widgets - A widget is something that you can easily add to a site within Campus Pack to enhance the site's functionality.

Assessment - The Assessment tool built into Campus Pack provides transparency into assignments. Instructors can see student contributions to blogs, wikis, podcasts and journals as well as gain a better understanding of student progress. 

Attachments - manage attachments to a site for more efficient storage. 

Page List - a list of pages in a site

Recycle - allows selective removal of content from an existing site. Note, should be done with care. 


Add a Page to start the wiki and provide students with instructions for how to proceed with content development. 


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