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This guide will walk through the steps of creating a course blog (using Blackboard as the LMS) and sharing it out with students so they can subscribe to an RSS feed. 


Scenario: Instructor Oscar Johnson teaches Astronomy 101 at Adams and Morgan College. He is going to use a course blog for the semester and have students contribute current events each unit. They will also comment on other students posts and use a rating widget to rank the posts they found most interesting. 


Add a Campus Pack blog to your Blackboard course site.



Add a Title and a Description (optional) and information for grading the assignment if it will be graded. 



Adjust the settings to change the blog icon and the theme, the look of the site. Click the Permissions link and Add the students in the class as Authors to the blog. Click the Save button. 



Click the Viewer tab and add "Everyone in the World" as Viewers to the site. That setting creates the RSS feed enabling the students to subscribe to the site in an RSS reader and receive updates in their reader software even if they are not logged into the Learning Management System. 



The RSS feed is enabled. 



The Subscribe feature allows users to receive email notifications of changes to sites.


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