Campus Pack User Guide

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1. To add a Campus Pack Wiki to a Blackboard Course, choose, Campus Pack Wiki from the tools available in your Blackboard course site.

2. There are four options that can be used to create the Wiki: Create a Blank Wiki, Copy from Existing Wiki, Add Short Cut, and Import an Archive.

Creating a Blank Wiki

  1. Enter a Title and Description, then choose the following options below, the click Add.

    ***Please review additional information about Deployment Options.***


  2. The Wiki is now created. Permissions can be adjusted by clicking the Gear and selecting permissions.


Copying From Existing Wiki

After selecting the Copy from Existing button, the following screen will appear.
Search options are available by Introduction, People, Courses, Groups, and Organizations. After locating the desired Wiki, click the Copy button.

Add a Shortcut

  1. After selecting the Add a Shortcut button, the following screen will appear. Search for the Wiki that you want to create a Shortcut. Add the title, the click Add Shortcut.

  2. The Shortcut to the Wiki is now created and will appear in the Content area.

Import Archive

After Selecting the Import Archive button, the following screen will appear. Simply browse to the import file and Click Import.


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