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This week I spoke with Sarah Grayston of University of Stirling who has spent a considerable amount of time building a Personal Development Plan (PDP) template through the Campus Pack functionality. Currently in prototype format, her team is planning to pilot the Campus Pack PDP for the remainder of this year.  Their eventual goal is to launch this great initiative institution-wide by 2013. 


Their PDP allows students to:

  • goal set over a month, year, or longer
  • track and audit test and quiz scores over a period of time
  • reflect and comment through journal capabilities
  • evaluate and track their success and progress


Here is a video explaining Sarah’s development of the Campus Pack PDP within their LMS/VLE’s module:



The PDP is great way to showcase a student’s progress over their course of study.  It is but one of the many built-in features within Campus Pack that institutions across the UK have implemented successfully with proven results. Stirling’s PDP lives within the LMS/VLE but as with all Campus Pack content, you can access it directly, bypassing the LMS/VLE all together.


We wish Sarah and her team luck on implementing their PDP!  If you would like to learn more about their initiative, or would like to hear how you can start your own, contact your Account Manager at 

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